About Enefco Footwear

For the past 80 years, Enefco Footwear has been producing custom moulded heel counters for footwear manufacturers around the globe. Our moulded counters provide stability and strength in the heels of U.S. Military boots and many lines of civilian shoes and boots.

We mould counters from an array of raw materials in various thicknesses. This includes leatherboard and a variety of different fiberboards cut, skived and moulded for:

  • Men’s dress shoes
  • Women’s pumps
  • Hiking boots
  • Combat boots
  • Western boots
  • Sport shoes
  • Skates
  • Slush moulded footwear
  • Theatrical and Clown shoes

Enefco Counters can be supplied with:

  • Custom shapes and profiles
  • Fully moulded or clamshell counters
  • Welt lip flanges
  • Flat heel flanges
  • Stitch heel seat flanges
  • Post moulding applied adhesive coatings
  • Thermal activated coatings
  • Water resistant dips or coatings

In collaboration with Bontex Corporation, we’ve recently introduced new moulded counters to the exacting standards required for United States Military boots and shoes. You can recognize them immediately by their clean white color.

Our 85,000 square foot factory and warehouse has the capacity to meet your counter needs. We have over a thousand counter molds in stock. If we don’t have the mould you need we can have a new mould created.

Contact us today to discuss your counter needs.

What can Enefco do?

Our dedicated product development team can deliver quick turnaround for quotes and prototypes. Our manufacturing capabilities insure that we can scale up quickly from prototype to high volume commercial production.

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